Business Intelligence and CRM

With the arrival of the era of Big Data it is vital for every successful business to be able to extract and analyse information about its operations, draw conclusions on past performance and use them for making decisions about future activities. This is where Business Intelligence (in its various forms) can have an impact as a set of technologies, processes, and applications to analyse structured data and business processes. However, every organization needs a BI system that is designed with full consideration of its specifics and this is where we as a specialist company come in.

We are experienced in the implementation of a variety of platforms and modern techniques in data science and machine learning to maximise the effectiveness of your use of information, including but not limited to identifying the business needs, ensuring a high quality of business data and full integration with end user tools to maximize the creation of value.

In addition to the above every organisation exists to provide for the needs of its client or customer base.

At Sprynt we understand the important relationship between your success as an organisation and your ability to manage these relationships with clients and customers, to the extent that we place our abilities to deliver customer (or client) relationship management systems (CRM) high on our list of capabilities.

Using our unique solution implementation methodology we have achieved a 100% success rate at implementing CRM solutions in a range of industries.

We are partners with SugarCRM, and are certified to implement SugarCRM-based solutions.

Sugar is an affordable and easy to use CRM platform, designed to help your business communicate with prospects, share sales information, close deals and keep customers happy.

As an open source, web-based CRM solution, Sugar is easy to customise and adapt to your changing needs. It is ideal for small and medium-sized companies, large enterprises and government organizations and can be deployed in the cloud or on-site.