Applications Development and Support

Applications Development & Support

Many businesses find off-the-shelf software unable to meet all the demands of their business processes. Most businesses compromise their processes to accommodate the limits of the software being used, giving less than optimal performance. Other businesses do not have the in-house expertise to automate their processes to make effective use of state of the art IT.

At Sprynt we believe businesses should set their own standards for software, and should get software that deliver all their needs in an efficient implementation. We develop customised software tailored specifically to the particular needs of your business processes.

We are specialists in the development of enterprise web and mobile applications as well as apps.

Our consultants work with your business in an agile manner to get from abstract ideas and initial requirements to concrete prototypes that are used to drive the development process. We use modern software engineering methods including a test-driven approach to application building, rapid prototyping and continuous deployment. Documentation, training, maintenance and functional enhancements are also provided as part of our service.